Warp 9 Handlebar Light Switch

Warp 9 Handlebar Horn Switch

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Warp 9



  • Horn Button kit with Red push button.
  • Plugs into factory wiring harness, No cutting or splicing.
  • A Perfect companion to the Warp 9 Light Button.
  • Mounts to the backside of the OEM Brake master cylinder for a clean uncluttered handlebar setup.
  • Fits OEM Brakes, Magura MT7 & MT5 Brakes, Hope V4 & E4 Brakes, Hayes Dominion.
  • Includes new mounting hardware.
Product Type Electrical, Hand Controls

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Warp 9 Handlebar Horn Switch

Warp 9 Handlebar Horn Switch

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Dirt eBike X160, all years
Dirt eBike X260, all years


Light Bee S, all years
Light Bee X, all years