Warp 9 Adjustable Kickstand

Warp 9 Adjustable Kickstand

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Warp 9


  • Adjustable Kickstand to suit all popular wheel sizes used on Sur Ron and Segway eBikes.
  • Features a low-profile spring attachment pin to provide more clearance for wider rear tires.
  • Multiple Adjustment settings:
    • For 21”/18” wheel combos, use the full length adjustment.
    • For 19"/16" wheel combos, use the middle adjustment.
    • For 17"/17" wheel combos, use the smallest adjustment.
  • Ultra-strong, yet well-balanced construction thanks to a CNC-machined steel pivot head used with a lightweight tubular steel body with an aluminum foot.
  • Includes a spring puller to reuse the OEM kickstand spring.
  • Pre-installed magnet allows you to retain the OEM kickstand safety switch.
Bike Type & Riding Style Adventure & Dual Sport, Dakar Rally, Enduro, Stunt, Supermoto
Product Type Suspension & Frame

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Warp 9 Adjustable Kickstand

Warp 9 Adjustable Kickstand

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