Warp 9 Lockdown Rear Axle Blocks

Warp 9 Lockdown Rear Axle Blocks

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Warp 9



  • Unique axle blocks featuring Captive Adjuster Bolts and a Lockdown design to prevent axle rotation.
  • Captive titanium adjustment bolts make it easy to adjust the rear axle & chain tension - Simply loosen the axle nut and turn the adjuster bolts using a 10mm wrench. This will move the axle forward or back to adjust tension on the chain.
  • The Lockdown design is a two-piece left-side axle block that prevents the rear axle from spinning while you install or remove the axle nut from the other end.
  • The captive adjuster bolt also holds the right side axle block in place when you remove the rear axle.
  • Axle blocks are CNC-machined from aluminum and anodized black.
  • The lockdown plate and screws are made of titanium, with a burnt anodized finish.
  • Works with the OEM rear axle as well as Warp 9 Titanium Rear Axle.
  • With the Lockdown Axle Blocks installed, the only tool you'll need to remove the rear axle is a 17mm wrench!
Bike Type & Riding Style Motocross
Product Type Hardware
Position on Machine Rear

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Warp 9 Lockdown Rear Axle Blocks

Warp 9 Lockdown Rear Axle Blocks

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