Michelin Power Slick 2 - Front

Michelin Power Slick 2 - Rear

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MICHELIN® Power Cup 2

  • Step up to Michelin’s next level of grip for even shorter lap times
  • Extraordinary grip from the first lap to the last
  • Optimum Dual Compound Distribution - MICHELIN 2CT and 2CT+ Technologies optimize the placement of carbon black compounds for enhanced grip
  • Michelin’s Premium Touch™ Technology - The patented sidewall designs of the MICHELIN Power Slick 2 tire enhance sportbike styling


Bike Type & Riding Style Sport Bike
Product Type Tires
Riding Type Sportbike Racing, Sportbike Trackday
Tire Width 190, 200
Tire Aspect Ratio 55
Rim Diameter 17"

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Michelin Power Slick 2 - Rear

Michelin Power Slick 2 - Rear

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Minimum Cold Pressure *
Front: 30.5 psi Rear: 22 psi

Target Hot Pressure
Front: 34.8 psi Rear: 24.65 psi

* Pressure set at ambient temperature, just before the first ride or installing tire warmers.