Michelin Power Slick 2 - Front

Michelin Power Slick 2 - Front

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MICHELIN® Power Cup 2

  • Step up to Michelin’s next level of grip for even shorter lap times
  • Extraordinary grip from the first lap to the last
  • Optimum Dual Compound Distribution - MICHELIN 2CT and 2CT+ Technologies optimize the placement of carbon black compounds for enhanced grip
  • Michelin’s Premium Touch™ Technology - The patented sidewall designs of the MICHELIN Power Slick 2 tire enhance sportbike styling


Bike Type & Riding Style Sport Bike, Supermoto
Product Type Tires
Position on Machine Front
Riding Type Sportbike Racing, Sportbike Trackday, Supermoto Racing, Supermoto Trackday
Tire Width 120
Tire Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Diameter 17"
Help Me Build Convert My Bike To Supermoto For Racing, Track Prep My Supermoto
Trackside Support Sport Bike, Supermoto

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Michelin Power Slick 2 - Front

Michelin Power Slick 2 - Front

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Minimum Cold Pressure *
Front: 30.5 psi Rear: 22 psi

Target Hot Pressure
Front: 34.8 psi Rear: 24.65 psi

* Pressure set at ambient temperature, just before the first ride or installing tire warmers.