SLIDE Moto Street Sliders

SLIDE Moto Street Sliders

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An economical axle slider from SLIDE Moto. Designed as a simple solution to protect your bike!

  • Stainless Steel hardware rod with captive hex drive.
  • Nylon-locking nut to hold everything in place.
  • Replaceable UHMW-PE slider pucks, same all around.
  • Anodized adapters to fit the specific dimensions of your bike's axles.
Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto, Stunt
Product Type Crash Protection
SLIDEmoto Product Type Street Sliders

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SLIDE Moto Street Sliders

SLIDE Moto Street Sliders

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TC 125, 2016-and up
FC 250, 2015-and up
TC 250, 2017-and up
FC 350, 2016-and up
FX 350, 2017-and up
FC 450, 2015-and up
FX 450, 2017-and up


125 SX, 2015-and up
250 SX, 2015-and up
250 SX-F, 2015-and up
250 XC, 2015-and up
250 XC-F, 2015-and up
350 SX-F, 2015-and up
350 XC-F, 2015-and up
400 SX, 2015-and up
450 SX-F, 2015-and up
450 XC-F, 2015-and up