SLIDE Moto Axle Sliders - Front

SLIDEmoto Pro Sliders - Front

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SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders

The SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders are the best crash protection you can put on your supermoto. They offer the most functionality and performance of any axle slider on the market. They make wheel changes and bike maintenance a breeze.

Quick access Front Axle Sliders

  • Left slider is integrated into a new axle screw.
  • No socket needed, uses 3/8" socket extension to install & remove.
  • Makes front wheel removal easy to do with one less socket needed.
  • Right slider bolts into the axle and can be used as a handle to remove and install the axle during wheel changes.
  • No extra slider hardware through the axle, so wheel removal is fast!
  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.
  • Anodized in multiple colors.

Replacement Slider Pucks

  • Same replacement Slider Pucks for front and rear Pro Sliders. 
  • Thread-on Slider Pucks are easily removed with slip joint pliers when crashed and worn, and just as easily installed with a 1/2" ratchet.
  • UHMW-PE replacement sliders pucks. SLIDE Moto was the first brand to widely utilize this material instead of Delrin, because it has a low co-efficient of friction. This means it slides easier on asphalt which reduces the chance of your bike catching an edge and flipping end over end. It also has good wear characteristics for multiple crashes.

English (English) Majority components designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!

Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto, Stunt
Product Type Crash Protection
Position on Machine Front
Help Me Build Track Prep My Supermoto

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SLIDEmoto Pro Sliders - Front

SLIDEmoto Pro Sliders - Front

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EC 250, 2022-and up
EC 300, 2022-and up
EX 250, 2022-and up
EX 250F, 2021-and up
EX 300, 2021-and up
EX 350F, 2021-and up
EX 450F, 2021-and up
MC 125, 2021-and up
MC 250, 2022-and up
MC 250F, 2021-and up
MC 350F, 2022-and up
MC 450F, 2021-and up


FE 250, 2016-and up
FE 350, 2016-and up
FE 350s, 2016
FE 450, 2016-and up
FE 501, 2016-and up
FE 501s, 2016
FC 250, 2015-and up
FC 350, 2015-and up
FC 450, 2015-and up
FC 450 Rockstar Edition, 2018-and up
FS 450, 2021-and up
FX 350, 2017-and up
FX 450, 2017-and up
SM 449, 2011-2013
SM 511, 2011-2013
TC 125, 2015-and up
TC 250, 2015-and up
TC 449, 2011-2013
TE 125, 2016
TE 150, 2017-2019
TE 150i, 2020-and up
TE 250, 2016-2018
TE 250i, 2018-and up
TE 300, 2016-2018
TE 300i, 2018-and up
TE 300i Jarvis Edition, 2020-and up
TE 449, 2011-2013
TE 511, 2011-2013
TX 125, 2017-2019
TX 300, 2017-2019
TX 300i, 2020-and up
TXC 449, 2012


125 EXC, 2016
125 SX, 2015-and up
125 XC-W, 2017-and up
150 SX, 2015-and up
150 XC, 2015
150 XC-W, 2016-and up
200 EXC, 2016
200 XC-W, 2016
250 EXC, 2016-and up
250 EXC-F, 2016-and up
250 SX, 2015-and up
250 SX-F, 2015-and up
250 SX-F Factory Edition, 2015-and up
250 XC, 2015-and up
250 XCF, 2015-and up
250 XCF-W, 2016-2018
250 XC-W, 2016-and up
300 EXC, 2016-and up
300 XC-W, 2016-and up
350 EXC-F, 2016-and up
350 SX-F, 2015-and up
350 XC-F, 2015-and up
350 XCF-W, 2016-2018
450 EXC, 2016-and up
450 SMR, 2021-and up
450 SX-F, 2015-and up
450 SX-F Factory Edition, 2014-and up
450 XC-F, 2015-and up
450 XCF-W, 2016-and up
500 EXC, 2016-and up
500 XCF-W, 2016-and up

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