Boyeson Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller

Boyeson Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller

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Boyesen SuperCooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kits are specifically designed to enhance the performance of your engine's cooling system. These high-flow, hydrodynamic water pump kits have been tested and designed to flow more coolant. By increasing the flow, the engine will run cooler at a more constant temperature.

The Boyesen Supercooler can reduce engine temperatures by as much as ten degrees, as confirmed by tests at Team Kawasaki. How does the Supercooler achieve this? Hydrodynamics. Boyesen's investment-cast aluminum water pump cover has bigger water inlets, a sculpted design, no casting seams, less restrictive corners, a more efficient impeller and less cavitation.

Internal engine heat, although needed for horsepower, is also extremely destructive to your engine if it is not managed properly. Internal-combustion engines burn fuel hotter than the melting temperature of engine materials. When an engine is operating out-of-balance with its cooling system’s capacity, the internal temperatures often rise to levels that cause damage to the cylinder, piston, and valve-train components. If these parts become heated over the optimal operating upper limit range, component damage will begin to occur. Reduced to its common reasons for being essential in an internal combustion engine, cooling system efficiency can have a dramatic influence on the longevity of the internal working components of your bike’s engine. These include the reduction of thermal stresses and strains caused by pre-ignition and detonation (particularly the latter), distorted cylinder bores, potential damage to pistons and rings, and damaged valve-train components.

The Supercooler's smooth interior surfaces eliminate coolant flow "pinch-points" resulting in a hydrodynamically efficient interior that increases fluid flow re-entry rates into your bike's engine.

Max Inlet features a large inlet opening. This is superior to stock inlets, which are small and often have 90-degree bends (a serious hydrodynamic no-no).

The patented impeller is 25 percent more efficient at moving water than stock systems. The design reduces fluid cavitation, which increases cooling capacity.

What is HFI? Otherwise known as Hyperflow Integration, HFI represents our holistic approach to improving the efficiency and flow rates of your bike's waterpump systems. Like any project at Boyesen, HFI is an engineering design process that is rooted in researched and tested performance. It is the driving force behind why the Supercooler works so well. HFI is the backbone of each Supercooler's final design and it is based on the process of correcting the in-efficiencies and production-based limitations found in the design of stock waterpump systems. For each Supercooler made, our Engineers apply ongoing research and development processes that yeild the greatest increases in cooling performance for each make/model/year of machine in the following areas:

  • Inlet Diameter Capacity
  • Hydrodynamically Optimized Interior Surface Modeling
  • Hydrodynamically Optimized Impeller Design and Function

What's the result of the HFI design process? Superior fluid flow rates, increased hydrodynamic efficiency, and superior heat management capability yields the best performing waterpump system that you can buy. Simply stated, HFI innovation has been recognized worldwide by factory race teams as the technological benchmark in bolt-on engine heat-reduction performance.



Stock waterpump systems typically have relatively small intake passages which ultimately reduce their overall coolant re-entry efficiency capacity and greatly reduces internal cooling system fluid pressure. Internal fluid pressure is the most important element that affects how effective your cooling systems is at engine heat dissipation. By using larger inlet openings the Supercooler allows your bike's coolant to re-enter into your engine faster and get to your expensive cylinder faster, ultimately making more coolant available to absorb and remove heat. Less heat = more horsepower at the end of the moto.

Stock waterpump interiors often exhibit square-edged internal channel surfaces and sharp-edged fluid inlet passages. These imperfections are most often the result of mass production tooling limitations and are the leading cause of most stock waterpump's inability to deliver enough coolant to your engine when it is raced hard, or for long periods of time in hot and muddy conditions. This is where the Supercooler shines in comparison to your stock waterpump system.

The Supercooler's Opti-Form interior surfacing process eliminates all coolant flow "pinch-points" resulting in a hydrodynamically efficient interior that dramatically increases coolant flow efficiency and ultimately leads to increased fluid flow re-entry rates into your bike's engine.

The Supercooler's hydrodynamically optimized impeller increases overall coolant flow rates and virtually eliminates coolant cavitation when compared to stock waterpump designs.

The Supercooler's impeller is designed to be HYDRODYNAMICALLY EFFICIENT, meaning that it not only propels the cooling fluid into the engine without cavitation, but it demands less parasitic loss from the engine. These two factors allow your bike's engine to produce more horsepower and most importantly MAINTAIN that output throughout the long summer motos, or in muddy conditions. Boyesen's patented Pro-Flow anti-cavitation impeller is one of the most beneficial performance improvements when comparing the Supercooler to stock waterpump systems. The anti-cavitation performance of the Pro-Flow impeller increases overall coolant flow rates and increases your bike's ability to handle high heat dissipation.

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Boyeson Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller

Boyeson Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller

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