IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

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The IMS Coolant Recovery Tank is a new offering from IMS that's the ideal option for preventing fluid loss from your bike if it has a tendency to overheat. With this recovery tank installed on your bike, you’ll be able to prevent fluid loss and stop worrying about low coolant levels after your bike overheats.

With this recovery tank, instead of the radiator boiling over and spilling coolant out of the drain tube onto the ground, coolant will flow into the catch tank. Once the bike cools down, fluid in the recovery tank will be drawn back into the radiator and you won’t have to worry about topping your radiator off or having it run dry.

IMS designed the tank to have an easy installation and unobtrusive appearance. Certain models will actually have the tank sit in the bike’s frame, while others may require the IMS mounting bracket. However, with a universal fitment, IMS makes it so any bike can get the advantages of their Coolant Recovery Tank.


  • 150cc capacity (5 fl. oz.)
  • Completely hidden once installed.
  • Designed in conjunction with factory KTM and Husqvarna Race Teams.
  • Captures and re-infuses fluid during overheating.
  • Tested and developed with factory race teams.
  • Completely hidden once installed.
  • Promotes a longer engine life.
  • Promotes sustained horsepower output.
  • Tested by Factory KTM and Husqvarna Off-Road Teams.
  • Works GREAT for supermoto coolant catch can!


  • Some 2017+ Husqvarna FE & KTM EXC-F models have their emissions canister in the down tube, so this Coolant Recovery Tank will not fit if the emissions canister is still installed.
Bike Type & Riding Style Motocross
Product Type Coolant
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IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

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