Oberon Round Mirror & Turn Signal Indicator

Oberon Round Mirror & Turn Signal Indicators

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Round Mirrors &  Double Sided LED Bar End Turn Signals, for 7/8" handlebars.
Includes two turn signals.
Available with one or two mirros.
Mirror & Bar End Signal Combination from Oberon Performance. Benefits & Specs include: 
  • Improved motorcycle safety
  • Highly visible
  • Extra wide angle viewing pattern
  • LED flash visible from front and rear of indicator body (double sided)
  • Billet aluminium housing
  • 12 Volt LEDs, small current draw
  • High power amber LEDs
  • Elegant design
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Collets to suit 12mm to 19mm handlebar internal diameters (7/8" bars).
  • Indicator body size: 50mm long x 35mm diameter
  • Weight (Each): 230g
  • Width of handlebar clamp mount: 13mm
  • Mirror Size: 75mm round mirror
  • Convex glass: 1260mm radius for slight convex shapes provides better field of vision


The indicator uses eight high powered wide angled LEDs either each side of the circuit board. Each indicator is visible from both the front and the back of the unit with equal luminosity. This has a substantial improvement on the visibility of the indicators and being at the very end of the handlebar, greatly adds to the safety of the motorcycle and rider. Due to their low draw rate and very nature, LEDs offer a much longer life than ordinary filament indicator bulbs.

LEDs do not have a time delay on operation so they are instantly on at full power and off with no fade. Again this gives a distinct and noticeable flash or presence to other road users making it much less likely for the indicator to be ignored or overlooked. One of the most common complaints we have observed at Oberon Performance, is of the many other motorcycle indicators that have low quality lenses. Our unique lens fully envelopes the LED circuit board completely with a 360 degree solid wall providing a melt proof, shake proof and loss proof cover. These indicators are CNC machined from billet aluminium and are available in black or silver anodise. Complete with stainless steel fasteners, sleeved cable (350mm long) and a brass collet to allow fitting to hollow handlebars for most motorcycles. Fits a range of 7/8" handlebars using included collets.

- Some motorcycles are fitted with Bulb type Indicators, EVEN some modern bikes. You may need Resistors (available here) to control the flash rate.
- Due to the high power and heat that is produced by these LEDs they need to remain cool during operation, please do not wire them to be permantly on as running lights, or fitted in conjunction with heated grips for example.

PDF Diagram for LED Indicators

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Oberon Round Mirror & Turn Signal Indicators

Oberon Round Mirror & Turn Signal Indicators

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