Moto-Master Radial Master Cylinder

Moto-Master 12mm Radial Master Cylinder

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  • The 12mm size is well-suited for the Moto-Master Supermoto Racing Caliper.
  • Using a stock brake setup on a 320mm rotor? Add this to your system to give a little more power to your brakes without being too stiff of lever feel.
  • The brake lever position is adjustable allowing it to suit any preference, and an optimal leverage ratio built into the design gives you maximum power with just one finger.
  • The direct pressure point provides great feedback which ensures optimal control.
  • Black anodized and laser etched aluminum filler cap to complete the package.
  • Brake light switch available separately.
  • Standard 7/8" clamping diameter, fits off-road handlebars (Both small bars and fat bars have 7/8" diameters on the ends where grips and levers bolt on.)

Radial Master Cylinder Instructions

Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto
Product Type Brakes
Brake Component Type Master Cylinders
Piston Size 12.0 mm
Banjo Bolt Thread Size M10x1.0
Handlebar Size 7/8"

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Moto-Master 12mm Radial Master Cylinder

Moto-Master 12mm Radial Master Cylinder

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Use with Supermoto Brake Kits on supermoto bikes.
Use with stock dirt bike caliper, 320mm Street Flame rotor, and adapter.


Radial Master Cylinder Mounting Instructions - Provides proper bleeding procedure. Caliper removal and reservoir fill method are important, so read thoroughly!