Moto-Master Brake Line for SM Kit

Moto-Master Brake Line for Supermoto Kits

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The Moto-Master Supermoto steel braided brake lines are lightweight and durable. They provide a significant increase in feel and response due to reduced flex compared to a standard OEM plastic line.

  • Brake line consists of seamless extruded PTFE hose liner with a stainless steel wired braid which is protected by a durable and lightweight PVC covering.
  • Stainless steel banjos are used to eliminate any possible corrosion.
  • The banjos are adjustable to ensure torque-free mounting
  • The brake lines come with washers and fitment instructions.
  • Our stainless braided brake lines eliminate that “spongy” feeling of standard plastic brake lines.
  • These Supermoto brake lines are for use with the Moto-Master Supermoto Master Cylinder and 4-Piston SM Racing caliper.


Fits Moto-Master SM Racing Kit for these bikes:

  • Kawasaki
    KX125, 2003-2008
    KX250, 2003-2008
    KX250F, 2004-and up
    KX450F, 2006-and up

  • Suzuki
    RM125, 1996-2010
    RM250, 1996-2010
    RMZ250, 2004-and up
    RMZ450, 2005-and up
Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto
Product Type Brakes

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Moto-Master Brake Line for Supermoto Kits

Moto-Master Brake Line for Supermoto Kits

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FOR USE WITH FRONT NUMBER PLATES. If using a headlight instead, please use line #212003 for a slightly longer line.


BX 450, 2023-and up


XE 125, 2021-2022
XX 125, 2021
XX 125, 2022-and up
XX 250, 2022-and up
XXF 250, 2022-and up
XXF 450, 2022


KX 125, 2003-2008
KX 250, 2003-2008
KX 250 (4 stroke), 2019-and up
KX 250F, 2004-2018
KX 250X 2021-and up
KX 450 (4 stroke), 2019-and up
KX 450F, 2006-2018
KX 450X, 2021-and up


RM 125, 1996-2010
RM 250, 1996-2010
RM-Z 250, 2004-and up
RM-Z 450, 2005-and up


YZ 125, 1998-2004   *See Install Note
YZ 125, 2005-and up
YZ 250, 1998-2004   *See Install Note
YZ 250, 2005-and up
YZ 250F, 2001-2004   *See Install Note
YZ 250F, 2005-and up
YZ 250FX, 2015-and up
YZ 250X, 2016-and up
YZ 400F, 1998-1999   *See Install Note

YZ 426F, 2000-2002   *See Install Note

YZ 450F, 2003-2004   *See Install Note
YZ 450F, 2005-and up
YZ 450FX, 2016-and up

* INSTALL NOTE: Instead of routing like the OEM line (down around the bottom of the fork guard), this new line need to be routed like a modern model around the inside of the fork guard. You will need to make extra effort to secure the line to the fork guard on the inside to insure that it does not rub on the rotor or the rim.
Caution: Do not route the line on the outside of the fork guard. This method leaves the line vulnerable to impact and easier damage in the event of a crash or incident.