% Marchesini M10SM Tubeless Forged Supermoto Street Conversion

Marchesini Tubeless Forged Supermoto Street Conversion

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Build your supermoto faster and easier with a ready-to-go conversion! Wheels and tires come MOUNTED & BALANCED, so you're one step closer to riding as soon as you open the box.

Marchesini M10SM Forged Wheels are light-weight, TUBELESS, and trouble-free. No more adjusting spokes and no more instant-flats from bursting inner tubes! With tubeless wheels a punctured tire usually goes flat slower, allowing you to come to a stop safer! Gain performance from the weight loss, thanks to light-weight forged aluminum wheels and an absence of heavy inner tubes!

  • Forged wheel for superior strength.
  • Semi-modular hub system, so you can swap hubs to fit select other bikes.
  • 90 degree valve stems for easy access.
  • The lightest of all aftermarket single-piece supermoto wheels and lighter than some spoked wheels!


Marchesini M10SM Forged Wheels: Great quality wheels that don't break the budget. Their balance of strength and weight savings make for a great wheel that will take a beating and keep on rolling. 

  • 17x3.5" front wheel: This comes with a 120 tire mounted. (Profile may vary from 120-60 to 120-70, depending on tire model and availability.)
  • 17x4.25", 17x4.50", or 17x5.0" rear wheel: The 4.25" comes with a 150 tire and is a standard go to for street supermoto conversions. It offers great performance but is also just narrow enough to make for an easier wheel change. The 4.50" and 5.00" rims come with a 160 tire and offers a larger contact patch for more traction so it's a great choice for aggressive riding with occasional trackdays. Keep in mind that some 160 tires on a 5.0" rim will be wide enough to encounter chain slap, so a Chain Block is highly recommended.
  • Choose Your Colors: Choose from the many different colors and finishes offered for the hubs, spokes, nipples, and rims!
  • Rear Hub: Direct drive for instant power delivery and weight savings over bulky cush drives.
  • Original Bolt Patterns are used on the hubs for rotors & sprocket, so there's no special fitments required.
  • Rim Color options include black, gold, and silver. Hub carriers only come in black.

Rotor Options & Caliper Upgrades: Add rotors and even brake calipers to make your conversion even more complete!

  • Moto-Master Flame Rotors: 
    Fixed stock size front and rotors. No oversize front rotor means quicker change between dirt and supermoto. (Not recommended for stunting, track riding, or spirited/aggressive riding.)
  • Moto-Master Flame Street Kit
    Floating 320x4mm front rotor, adapter for stock front caliper, and stock size rear rotor.
  • Moto-Master Flame Racing Kit: 
    Floating 320x5mm front rotor, 4-piston front caliper, braided stainless front line, and radial front master cylinder. Includes stock size Moto-Master rear rotor.
  • Moto-Master HALO Racing Kit: 
    Floating 320x5.5mm T-floater front rotor, 4-piston front caliper, braided stainless front line, and radial front master cylinder. Includes stock size Moto-Master rear rotor.

Warp 9 Sprocket:

  • Choose Size: 38-53 tooth count.

Rotor & Sprocket Hardware:

  • Standard Steel Alloy (standard option).
  • Burnt titanium saves you nearly half the weight of standard steel hardware, and it adds a touch of color with its rainbow coloring from the burning affect.

Tire Options:

  • Choose from a range of performance street tires to carve the corners, as well as dual-sport tires that will handle the street and some offroad trails.
  • Tires are mounted & balanced.

Additional Accessories:

  • Add a Kickstand Kit that bolts straight onto your bike and features an adjustable length to suit either the shorter supermoto wheels or the taller dirt wheels!
  • Add a Supermoto Front Fender: These are shorter than offroad fenders to compliment the smaller supermoto front wheel. 
  • Add a Chain to fit with your new gearing combination. Choose from the high quality options shown: Moto-Master, EK, Vortex, and more!
  • Add a Chain Block to prevent chain slap on the wider tires! Recommended for 160 tires.
  • Add Handguards to wrap-around handguards to protect your levers. Choose from Acerbis and Cycra options.
  • Add a Speedometer kit to keep track of speed, engine vitals, etc.


These conversion kits are typically special order: The wheels are built to order and some brake components may be special order as well. Some orders may take extra time to complete. Please call if you are in a rush and want to check in-stock availability or expedited options.

Estimated lead time is 12-16wks on Marchesini wheels.

Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto
Product Type Conversion Kits

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Marchesini Tubeless Forged Supermoto Street Conversion

Marchesini Tubeless Forged Supermoto Street Conversion

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