Cycra Ultra ProBend CRM Bars With Sliders

Cycra Ultra ProBend CRM Bars

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  • Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM Bars
    • Includes left and right Ultra CRM Bars, with left and right Abrasion Guards
    • Does not include mounting clamps or bar end hardware.

  • Trademark Probend Dip
    • Probend shape protects & dips at the outside end to allow freedom of mobility for your hands.

  • Center Reach Mount [CRM]
    • Maximum bite to secure handguards
    • Allows for superior clearance on a wide range of bars.
    • New low profile design offers more clearance for fork bleeders and caps.

  • Patent Pending [US 8,820,191]
    • CRM bar has a rise bent in to clear cables and hoses.
    • Mounts to the handlebar closer to the bar clamps to avoid the tapered sections of bars that can be harder to clamp to.

  • Patented CNC-Machined Bar
    • Machined from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum
    • Varied bar wall thickness for superior strength and slimmer profile
    • Indexed inner mounting hole offers multiple position options to suit your bars, while keeping the bars tight and secure.
    • Low profile bolt head prevents cable snags.

  • New Shield Design
    • Iconic "Cycra Enduro Hand Shield" dramatically redesigned.
    • Newly reformed ergonomic profile and shape.
    • Removable dual zone ventilation system on the top and bottom of shield. Allowing the rider to dial in amounts of ventilation and specific areas of protection.
    • Advanced plastic design and injection molded construction produces a strong, rigid shield balanced with built in flex zones.

  • New Abrasion Guard Design
    • New design of fit and coverage maximizes protection keeping your Ultra Probend CRM bars looking fresh.
Product Type Crash Protection

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Cycra Ultra ProBend CRM Bars

Cycra Ultra ProBend CRM Bars

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