Brembo 16x16 Billet Radial Brake MC

Brembo Racing - 16x16 Radial Brake Master Cylinder

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From Brembo's Racing Line, this Billet Radial Master Cylinder is recommended for motorcycles with a larger single caliper & rotor, which is perfect for supermoto racing. It offers increased braking force and feel, and when configured with the 16mm stroke, offers the greatest feel and sensitivity.
Pair this with the Brembo Racing XA3B860 Billet Radial Caliper. Don't forget your Brembo SM Rotor and QTM Caliper Bracket.

Technical Specifications

  • Piston Diameter - 16mm
  • Distance Center to Center - 16mm
  • Lever Type: Full folding or Short Folding
  • Front/Rear: Front
  • Type: Radial
  • Single/Double Disc: Single
  • Construction Material - CNC aluminum
  • Finishing - Hard Anodized
  • Weight - 286gr
  • Microswitch: No
  • Handlbar Fixing: 22.2mm
  • Brake Fluid - DOT4


***Please note, the reservoir is an upgrade and not included in the base price of the master cylinder. Brembo does this with all of their master cylinders in case you wish to use another reservoir other than their own. If you need a reservoir, select the option and it will be included for an additional $60.

Brake Component Type Master Cylinders

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Brembo Racing - 16x16 Radial Brake Master Cylinder

Brembo Racing - 16x16 Radial Brake Master Cylinder

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