Beringer Aeronal Rotor

Beringer 310mm Aeronal Supermoto Front Rotor

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Aeronal Rotor - H6L

Beringer's world renowned Cast Iron braking rotor. The rotor itself will add great performance to any brake system. When matched with Beringer caliper, pads, and master cylinder, you will have the top of the line supermoto brake system.


  • Floating rotor design to suit the larger fixed supermoto calipers, while also offering better heat dissipation due to the aluminum inner hub.
  • Multiple color options available with anodize finishes, polishing, as well as chrome and nickel plating.
  • Replacement inner hubs and floaters are available to refresh your rotor after wear and use.
  • Solid Braking Ring in 310mm diameter is available in two materials:
    • Cast Iron - Most popular choice for the best performance.
    • Stainless Steel - For less "bite" and lower price.
  • Does not fit with stock caliper, due to 6mm thickness.
  • Requires use of supermoto calipers, like Beringer Aerotec.
Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto
Product Type Brakes
Brake Component Type Rotors
Rotor Size 310 mm
Thickness 6.0 mm
Carrier Type Floating with Aluminum Carrier
Turning Direction Left Side Mount

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Beringer 310mm Aeronal Supermoto Front Rotor

Beringer 310mm Aeronal Supermoto Front Rotor

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KLX 400R, 2003-2006
LKX 400SR, 2003-2006


RM 125, 1989-2010
DR-Z 250, 2001-2007
RM 250, 1989-2010
DR-Z 400 2000-and up


WR 125, 1993-2007
YZ 125, 1992-and up
YZ 125X, 2020-and up
WR 200, 1998-2000
WR 250, 1992-2017
WR 250F, 2001-2018
WR 250F, 2019-and up   *See Fitment Note #2
YZ 250, 1992-and up
YZ 250F, 2001-and up
YZ 250FX, 2015-2017
YZ 250X, 2016-and up
WR 400F, 1998-2000
YZ 400F, 1998-1999
WR 426F, 2001-2002
YZ 426F, 2000-2002
WR 450F, 2003-2018
WR 450F, 2019-and up   *See Fitment Note #2
WR 450F Enduro GP, 2018
WR 450F Enduro GP, 2019-and up   *See Fitment Note #2
YZ 450F, 2003-and up
YZ 450FX, 2016-2017


1. This rotor does NOT fit WR250R hubs due to 1mm difference in bolt pattern.

2. Restrictions: Speed sensor ring from the newer WR-F models does not fit with this rotor. You will need to use an aftermarket speedo computer if you wish to have a speedometer.