Beringer 100mm Radial Supermoto Caliper

Beringer Aerotec 100mm Radial 4-Piston Left Caliper

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The Beringer Aerotec caliper is CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized for an attractive finish. It's a bolt-on fitment for bikes like the FS450 that use a radial fork bottom.


Aerotec Caliper - 4R12A (100mm)

  • Caliper Specs
    • Radial mount bolt orientation with 100mm spacing.
    • Uses 4x 32mm pistons with high performance seals.
    • Can be used with a radial adapter bracket to mount on converted supermoto bikes with axial fork bottoms.
    • Not compatible with DOT 5 fluid.

  • Includes brake pads
    • 1100R2 - Aggressive Race - More bite, best pad for racers! NOT FOR STREET USE!
    • 1100R8 - Endurance Race - less bite, great for rain racing! Longer life, perfect for endurance racing or track day rider who wants more life out of their pads! NOT FOR STREET USE!
    • 1100S - Sport - Perfect for street use, does not require heating up like the race pads.

For Single Caliper Use (Supermoto), We Recommend:

  • Beringer Aeronal Cast Iron Rotor
    • Radial mounted caliper offers flexibility for rotor size. Use it with a 310mm rotor, or add spacers to fit a 320mm rotor. Spacer requirements vary depending on application.
  • Beringer Aerotec Master Cylinder Pump
    • For good feel and modulation, we recommend the BRO10 which uses a 14.5mm piston. You can trail on and off the brakes really easy and modulate the brakes with confidence.
    • If you prefer a really stiff lever feel, there are a few riders who like the BRO12 with its 17.5mm piston. However, you do lose some of the feel with this stiff setup.
Bike Type & Riding Style Supermoto, Sport Bike, Stunt, V-Twin, Road
Product Type Brakes
Brake Component Type Calipers
Piston Size 32.0 mm (4x)
Banjo Bolt Thread Size M10x1.0
Fluid Compatibility DOT 4 Racing Fluid (NO DOT 5!)
Position on Machine Front, Left
Help Me Build Upgrade The Brakes On My Supermoto

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Beringer Aerotec 100mm Radial 4-Piston Left Caliper

Beringer Aerotec 100mm Radial 4-Piston Left Caliper

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FS570, 2011-2013


FS450, 2015-and up
SM450R, 2006-2010
SM450RR, 2006-2010
SM510R, 2006-2010
SM511, 2011-2013
SM530RR, 2008-2010
SMS630, 2011-2013
701 SM, 2016-and up
701 Svartpilen, 2018-and up
701 Vitpilen, 2018-and up


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690 Duke, 2016-and up
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