SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders - Full Kit

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The official crash protection of the AMA National Supermoto Series!

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SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders

Quick access Front Axle Sliders

For truly the best axle sliders on the market, look no further than SLIDE! These front axle sliders don't involve any all-thread or other through-axle hardware. The front sliders are individual per side; The right side slider is secured into the end of the axle and becomes a very handy "axle pull" for use during tire changes. The left side is a replacement axle nut (or screw for some models) and features a 3/8" square drive to use with any handy socket extension, Y wrench, etc... All this means that you'll need one less socket to do a wheel change, allowing you to quickly go from front loosening pinch bolts to removing the front axle screw/nut. SO IT SAVES YOU TIME!

With the SLIDE Moto axle sliders, there are NO additional parts to remove for a tire change other than the new axle screw itself!

Axle Block Rear Sliders

These are not only stylish, but very functional! Your OEM Axle Block is replaced by new blocks that are CNC machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum. The axle slider is integrated into the new axle blocks so that you don't have to bolt a slider through the center of the axle. This makes changing and adjusting the rear wheel much quicker since there's NO need to remove a slider to simply tension your chain! Axle blocks feature laser engraved reference marks for easy axle alignment.

What's UHMW-PE and why not Delrin? UHMW-PE, also shortened to UHMW, stands for Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Poly-Ethylene. It's awesome for wear items like sliders, chain guides, and even skid plates on offroad vehicles! Delrin machines easier, but UHMW-PE has a lower coefficient of friction (it slides better) and wears slower. That's why we use it, it's ideal for protecting your bike. 

Installation instructions
European models: KTM, new Husqvarna, & TM Racing
Japanese models: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, & Yamaha

English (English) Majority components designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!


Best Sliders on the market!

Super happy with these axle sliders! I have purchased several sets of these and the quality and fitment has been outstanding every time! These sliders also make removing the front rotor much easier!


Crash tested!

I installed this slider kit on my 2015 KTM 500 EXC.
They are some of the cleanest looking and best designed around.
Mounted to your axles, they are far more stout then the cheaper made threaded rod style.
Install was easy and the directions were very precise.
Unfortunately, I had a chance to to test them firsthand a week later when a distracted driver punted my bike down the freeway.
These things were amazing at preventing damage to my Beringer brake setup and basically saving the whole left side of my bike.
I highly recommend them and am definitely replacing them straight away!

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SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders - Full Kit

SLIDE Moto Pro Sliders - Full Kit

The official crash protection of the AMA National Supermoto Series!

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