Xtrig PHDS Replacement Elastomer - Medium

Xtrig PHDS Replacement Elastomer

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Maintain your Xtrig PHDS Bar Clamps with new elastomers, or simply change the feel with a different compound!

  • Multiple compounds available:
    • Green - More flex to offer a softer feel and even more comfort. Popular with vet riders.
    • Clear (Previously yellow) - Used by the majority of riders for everything from motocross to supermoto.
    • Red - Less commonly used than other compounds, used by some supercross riders who prefer more rigid and precise steering with very little bar movement.

  • Maintenance tips:
    • Determining Wear: As they wear, you may notice more flex, but this will be a subtle increase over time. You can also watch for discoloration.
    • If you ride constantly, you'll want to replace these a couple times a year.
    • You'll notice the difference once you install a fresh set!
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Xtrig PHDS Replacement Elastomer

Xtrig PHDS Replacement Elastomer

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