Warp 9 Supermoto wheels- Custom Color

Warp 9 Supermoto wheels

Try the new WHEEL BUILDER to see your color combo! (Select the silver image for a background on the wheel builder.)

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Availability: 2-3wk build time

Warp 9

  • Apex Rotors (floating 320mm front, stock rear)
  • Wave Rotors (320mm front, stock rear)
  • Wave Rotors (stock front, stock rear)
  • No Rotors OR Caliper Adapter
  • Rear Rotor Only (No front rotor or caliper adapter)


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Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Rim Color
Nipple Color & Type
Spoke Color & Type
Hub Color
Rear Hub Options
Tubes or Tubeless
Rotor Options
Sprocket Size
Hardware Options
NEW, stronger material! 

Warp 9 continues to show the world how to make a supermoto easily and quickly without breaking the budget. They make a great wheel that holds up to the abuse of supermoto duty. Should you manage to break something though, they stand behind their work with a $60 fix-anything-that's-broken warranty for the original purchaser!


Will it fit your swingarm? Of course! You just have to choose wheel and tire size correctly. Tires measure differently from brand to brand. a 160 Dunlop Q3 is super-wide (173mm) and doesn't fit most supermoto bikes whereas a 160 Metzeler Sportec measures 162mm.


  • You may need to trim your fork guards to fit a Supermoto front wheel and tire.

  • Go for a 17x4.25" rear wheel and 150 tire bikes with narrow swingarms: Kawasaki KX & KX-F models; Suzuki RM & RMZ models; Yamaha WR250X/R; etc

  • Avoid the Dunlop Q3 when running a 17x5" on bikes like: Honda CRF, KTM 500EXC, Yamaha WR450F, etc..

  • A Chian Block is recommened to keep the chain from slapping into your rear tire and wheel. Check them out HERE

Click here for the Tire Width FAQ on SuperMotoJunkie.com.


Build Your Own Warp 9 Street Conversion includes:

  • Warp 9 wheels- 
    • 17x3.5" front rim OR upgrade to 16.5x3.5" for $30
    • 17x4.25" rear rim OR upgrade to 17x5" for $30
    • Hub color of your choice
    • Oversized stainless steel spokes in multiple colors
    • Nipples are anodized aluminum for all colors except silver. Silver nipples are polished stainless steel like the spokes.
    • Rim color of your choice - 16.5 front is only available in black anodize, or any of the powder-coated colors.
    • Rotor and sprockets are OEM fit on all Warp 9 wheels except DRZ and DR650. 
      *See sprocket fitment below for details
  • Warp 9 Front 320mm rotor with relocation bracket along with rear rotor
    • 320 Apex floating front rotor and matching rear non-floating rotor available for an additional $85
    • Available without front rotor, rear rotor, or caliper bracket for $60 less.
  • Warp 9 Sprocket size of your choice
    • Honda: 40, 44, 47-53
    • Husqvarna: 40, 42 (new), 44, 47-52
    • Kawasaki: 40, 44, 47-51
    • KTM: 40, 44, 45, 47-52
    • Suzuki DR-Z: 40, 44, 45, 47-53    
      *DR-Z400 Uses KTM Sprocket Pattern
    • Suzuki DR650 (non-cush): 40, 44, 47-51 (520 sizes), and stock size of 525/42t    
      *DR650 Uses RMZ Sprocket Pattern
    • Suzuki RM-Z: 40, 44, 47-51
    • Yamaha: 40, 42, 43, 44, 47-52
    • Available without sprocket for $20 less


Please note:

  • Some wheel orders may take extra time to complete. 
  • your existing wheel spacers are reused unless your wheel came with an OEM speedometer drive, in which case a new spacer will be included and an magnet style speedometer will need to be used.




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Warp 9 Supermoto wheels

Warp 9 Supermoto wheels

Try the new WHEEL BUILDER to see your color combo! (Select the silver image for a background on the wheel builder.)

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