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FIXT Pro Torque T-Handle

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• Quickly and accurately torque’s those important fasteners
• Helps to prevent over tightened stripped threads
• Precision machined connections
• 6061 T6 black anodized aluminum handle and spectrum sleeve
• EASY TO READ 3 position 4-20 lbs laser etched torque indicator
• Stainless steal shaft
• 3/8in square drive
• Includes a padded tool box insert for safe storage
• Like all torque wrenches THIS IS INTENDED FOR TORQUE ONLY

Product Type Torque Wrench, T-Handles

Torgue T Handle is a good tool

It's a beautiful piece. Well constructed and accurate. Indeed the markings were mostly "spot on" after double checking readings with my recently calibrated snap-on. The slightly off readings I attribute mainly to user error (more on that in a sec).

So why buy the FIXT Pro Torque T-handle if you already have a torque wrench? Ease of use and it's more convenient trackside for quick fixes. Only drawback is you torque to the reading lines which can lead to "close, but not exact" torque spec. Nope, no click (which, may change the accuracy issue and make it more dummy proof). As an old Husaberg owner (both me, and the bike), proper torque spec and generous availability of loc-tite are my life-blood.

No, I would not use the FIXT Pro Torque T-handle to build my motor, but I love it for routine maintenance and trackside fixes. Beats the hell out of the "feel" gauge I used to employ with my socket wrenches and right hand. Perhaps not perfect (hey FIXT, make it click to take out user error and I'm going to espouse its virtues from the mountain tops!), but really good. I recommend it if you can spare the coin for a convenient and efficient tool for your track toolbox.

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FIXT Pro Torque T-Handle

FIXT Pro Torque T-Handle

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