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Thermacell Rechargeable Heat Pack

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HEAT YOU CAN HANDLE Unlike disposable, air-activated hand warmer packets, ThermaCELL’s rechargeable Heat Packs provide constant, regulated warmth. You no longer have to deal with unpredictable heat that can struggle to keep hands warm in enclosed areas or overheat hands, leaving them sweaty and vulnerable to the cold. ThermaCELL Heat Packs warm right to the temperature you select at just pennies per use.

• RECHARGEABLE - Internal LiPo battery fully charges in up to 4 hours and lasts over 500 charging cycles
• 3 HEAT SETTINGS - Adjust warming levels with a simple touch of a button to maintain your desired temperature
• LONG-LASTING - Get continual warming comfort up to 6 hours per charge
• COST EFFECTIVE - Reusable Heat Packs can be used for years, providing significant savings when compared to disposable hand warmers

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Thermacell Rechargeable Heat Pack

Thermacell Rechargeable Heat Pack

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