Norslope Snowbike Wheel Kit

Norslope Hook-N-Wheel Kit

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The Hook-N-Wheel kit from Norslope is a great way to move your Timbersled-equipped snowbike around the shop or in/out of the trailer. On top of that, its low price will keep you from breaking the bank!

Using the wheel kit is a breeze: Simply set the wheels behind the spindle with the axle near the Hook brackets. Then lift the ski by the front loop and set the hook brackets in the axle grooves!

Available as a Complete Wheel Kit that's ready to bolt on and use right away, or as a DIY kit if you want to source your own wheels! The 2018-newer ARO requires at least 16" wheels due to it's over-sized center skeg. For the 2017-older Mountain Horse spindle, you can get away with 13" wheels.


  • Fits ALL Timbersled spindles that come with ARO, Riot, Raw, and Mountain Horse Snowbike Kits.

    ***Does NOT fit Camso, Mototrax, or Yeti spindles.


  • 1/4"-thick, laser-cut Stainless Steel brackets.
  • CNC-machined Stainless Steel Axle.
  • Metric Grade 10.9 Hardware with Locking Nuts.
  • Easily installed, the brackets can stay on the spindle indefinitely without affecting your riding.
  • Quick-use wheel kit that's easy to operate!


  • Front Wheel Kit
    • Complete - Brackets, axle, 16" wheels, and hardware.
    • DIY - Hook brackets, axle, and hardware. 
    • Brackets Only - Hook brackets and mounting hardware.

  • Rear Wheel Kit
    • Complete - Brackets, axle, 10" wheels, and hardware.
    • DIY - Axle, and hardware. 

***This Wheel kit is not meant for riding on. It is only meant for pushing the bike around your shop, or in and out of your trailer, by means of walking next to the bike.


Best wheel kit available for a Raw 120

This is by far the simplest and most effective way to keep that front ski off the ground for loading/unloading and moving around garage. Installation is a breeze and wheel kit can be mounted or remvoed in seconds litterally. Top quality kit at an great price.

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Norslope Hook-N-Wheel Kit

Norslope Hook-N-Wheel Kit

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