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A'ME Heated Grips

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Keep your hands warm while you're out making frozen tracks with A’ME Heated Off-Road Grip.

This grip is made in the U.S.A. and features bluPulse™ ‘Adaptive Thermal Regulation’ technology. This state-of-the-art technology combines intelligent micro electronics with thermal sensors in each grip, and allows a rider to select between six temperature settings with a simple push of a button. A blue LED indicates both the selected temperature setting and heating status while the micro processor varies the amount of heat generated to maintain the selected temperature. These grips allow for comfortable hand temperatures in all riding conditions, reduce fatigue, and maintain finger dexterity which improves a rider’s control of the motorcycle.

A key component with A’ME’s new Heated Off-Road Grips is an assortment of interchangeable throttle cable Cams that work in conjunction with the right hand throttle sleeve which will allow the grip to fit most all off-road bikes.

  • Requires 45 watts of power per pair ( 22.5 watts each) and draws 3.5 amps per pair @13 volts in order to sustain the grips when initially turned on.
  • Made of a specially formulated Vulcathane™ material compound which produces tacky yet durable surface.
  • A'ME Waffle Pattern gives grip exceptional feel for comfort and control.
  • Features bluPulse™ 'Adaptive Thermal Regulation' Technology.
  • Feature Duxbutt™ weatherproof connectors.
  • Internal Sensor monitors battery power level and will automatically shut off the grips if battery power is too low.
  • Includes instructions and wiring harness that easily connects to 12 volt battery.
  • Easy installation.
  • 6-month Replacement Warranty for Manufacture Defect.
  • 2-year, one half (1/2) price Replacement Warranty for grip wear and tear.
  • Also Available in Non-Heated
  • Patent Pending / Made in USA

  • Available for wiring to a battery, directly to magneto/stator, or as a self-powered kit with batter and charger.

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A'ME Heated Grips

A'ME Heated Grips

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