Warp 9 "Switch" Forged Rear Wheel

Warp 9

Warp 9 "Switch" Forged Rear Wheel


Availability: Built To Order: 1-2wks


Warp 9's "Switch" wheel is forged aluminum. It's light-weight, TUBELESS, and trouble-free. No more adjusting spokes and no more instant-flats from bursting inner tubes! With tubeless wheels a punctured tire usually goes flat slower, allowing you to come to a stop safer! Gain performance from the weight loss, thanks to light-weight forged aluminum wheels and an absence of heavy inner tubes!

  • Forged wheel for superior strength.
  • Truly modular hub system, so you can swap hubs to fit any bike that Warp 9 offers hubs for!
  • 90 degree valve stems for easy access.
  • Apex floating rotor is standard option - it dissipates heat better than the single piece wave rotors.
  • Cush drive to lessen the wear and tear on your bike.



The "Switch" REAR Wheel Includes:

  • Tubeless Forged Wheel:
    • 17x4.25" or 17x5.0" rear wheel.
    • You choice of color combination.
    • Wheel spacers to fit your bike.
  • Warp 9 Rotor
    • Apex rotor, original size.
    • Original rotor bolt pattern.
  • Warp 9 Sprocket
    • Your choice of size: 38-53
    • Original sprocket bolt pattern.



This Wheel Fits:

  • Honda 
    CRF450R, 2002-2012
    CRF450X, 2005-2018
    CRF250R, 2004-2013
    CRF250X, 2004-2018



Please note: These wheels are built to order. Some orders may take extra time to complete. 

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Warp 9 "Switch" Forged Rear Wheel

Warp 9 "Switch" Forged Rear Wheel

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