Moto-Master SM Racing Kit

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Pack description

Check out Moto-Master's complete brake kit for supermoto racing! Consisting of a radial master cylinder, stainless steel brake Line, 4-piston racing caliper, 320mm floating Flame disc, CNC machined adapter bracket, race compound brake pads and mounting hardware, this kit was specifically developed for serious Supermoto racing. All components have been meticulously designed to blend seamlessly together, creating a level of performance and control that is unmatched. 

Complete Supermoto Racing Kit includes: 
- 12mm Radial Master Cylinder (Black body)
- Stainless Steel Brake Line 
- 320mm Supermoto Racing Disc (Black center)
- Supermoto Racing Caliper Kit (Black caliper)

***Currently unavailable until the new US importer is re-established.

Pack content

  • The brake lever position is adjustable allowing it to suit any preference, and an optimal leverage ratio built into the design gives you maximum power with just one finger.
  • The direct pressure point provides great feedback which ensures optimal control.
  • A brake light switch* is also available if needed.
  • Black anodized and laser etched aluminium filler cap to complete the package.
  • Available in 11mm for Street use and 12mm for Supermoto Street and Supermoto Racing applications.
    NOTE* Brake light switch sold separately.

***Currently unavailable until the new US importer is re-established.

The Moto-Master 4-Piston Supermoto Racing Caliper is developed specifically for supermoto racing, but also works great for aggressive stunt riding. Moto-Master components are manufactured to the tightest tolerances.

The 4-Piston SM Racing Caliper is CNC-machined and anodized black. It can be used with your stock master cylinder, or matched with a Moto-Master 12mm Radial Master Cylinder for the best performance.

Each caliper includes a set of Racing Compound pads and necessary mounting hardware.

Regularly $74.95, SAVE 25%

This Supermoto Racing Adapter Bracket is included in the Moto-Master Caliper Kits and is used to correctly locate the Moto-Master Caliper. It is a fully CNC machined and clear anodized piece, made from 6082 billet aluminum. 

* Not compatible with the stock brake caliper

Regularly $329, SAVE 25%

Moto-Master's supermoto racing disc, designed specifically for our racing caliper, is a 320MM floating rotor, utilizing a anodized aluminum inner carrier. Disc thickness has also been increased to 5MM, which allows for no deformation or fading up to 1,004 degrees Fahrenheit (540C). Mounted with 10 stainless floaters. Anodized aluminum support. Moto-Master front flame disc made from hardened and refined chrome-moly alloy steel. material guarantees minimal rotor wear and highest braking performance. Discs are laser cut, CNC drilled and surface machined for perfect fit. Venting grooves and flame design offer maximum cooling.

* SM Racing Discs are not compatible with the stock caliper
** Adapter Bracket sold separately