Moto-Master Supermoto Caliper Kit

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Pack description

This Moto-Master Caliper Kit includes the 4-Piston SM Racing Caliper, Racing Compound Pads, a Racing Adapter Bracket, and necessary mounting hardware.

Pack content

The Moto-Master 4-Piston Supermoto Racing Caliper is developed specifically for supermoto racing, but also works great for aggressive stunt riding. Moto-Master components are manufactured to the tightest tolerances.

The 4-Piston SM Racing Caliper is CNC-machined and anodized black. It can be used with your stock master cylinder, or matched with a Moto-Master 12mm Radial Master Cylinder for the best performance.

Each caliper includes a set of Racing Compound pads and necessary mounting hardware.

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This Supermoto Racing Adapter Bracket is included in the Moto-Master Caliper Kits and is used to correctly locate the Moto-Master Caliper. It is a fully CNC machined and clear anodized piece, made from 6082 billet aluminum. 

* Not compatible with the stock brake caliper