Beringer Aeronal Rotor


Beringer Aeronal 300mm Rotor



Beringer's world renowned Cast Iron braking rotor. The rotor itself will add great performance to any brake system. When matched with Beringer caliper, pads, and master cylinder, you will have the top of the line supermoto brake system.


Aeronal Rotor - HU1L

  • Floating Rotor
    • Replaceable Inner Hub - Multiple anodize finishes and platings.
    • Replaceable Floaters

  • Solid Braking Ring - 300mm diameter
    • Cast Iron - Most popular choice for the best performance.
    • Stainless Steel - For less "bite" and lower price.

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Beringer Aeronal 300mm Rotor

Beringer Aeronal 300mm Rotor

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