Utah Sport Bike Association's Supermoto Series

Supermoto racing tests your skills on tight technical asphalt turns, motocross jumps, and flat track dirt turns. Compete in supermoto classes to see who can conquer it all, or try your hand at the asphalt-only classes for a focus on the more technical side of asphalt racing.

Open track time is also available every race morning from 8-11am. You can sign up for this without racing if you are looking for track time without racing.


RD 1 - UMC Kart, The Snake - MAY 18

RD 2 - UMC Kart, Outer Loop - MAY 9

RD 3 - UMC Kart, Star Trek - JUNE 13

RD 4 - UMC Kart, Big Gator - JULY 18

RD 5 - UMC Kart, Outer Loop - AUG 22

RD 6 - UMC Kart, Gold Rush - SEPT 19


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