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Vapor Digital Gauge Kit is carefully crafted and constructed for the off-road or on-road enthusiast from a combined effort of experts in software, electrical and mechanical design. Vapor's large digital tachometer bar graph is easy to read and understand. This digital gauge has many other useful features including speed, engine temperature, adjustable distance, stopwatch and odometer. Vapor also features two LED indicators for customizable shift indicators and engine temperature warning.

-Real-time RPM bar graph Tachometer
-Records ambient and engine temperatures
-Permanent Odometer
-Clock records ride time and is also a stop watch
-Bright white backlit LCD screen
-Will include mounting hardware, speed sensor, magnet kit & temperature sensor

Full Vapor Kit also includes:
Water Temp Sensor 3/4" (19mm)
Magnet Sensor
Wheel Sensor
Power Lead
Ignition Sensor

Speed SPD 4-399 KPH/MPH
Tachometer Graphical 0-12000 RPM
Temperature ENG 0-260°C
Distance DST 0-19999 KM or M
Accum. Run Time CLOCK 0-9999 Hours
Odometer ODO 0-999999 KM or M

POWER                DESCRIPTION
External Power Input 9.0-400 VAC/VDC
(No polarity requirements.)
Internal Battery 3V CR2032
Battery Life 1 Year
Power Wire Red/Black 20g Wire 
Real-Time RPM Bar Graph

0-12,000 RPMs

Numeric RPM Readout 0-19,999 RPMs
Temperature Sensor Ambient Temperature
Engine Temperature
Backlight LED Group
Screen 78.75 x 28.6mm
(3.1 x 1.13”)
Physical Dimensions 106.93x59.46x23.7mm WxHxD
(4.21x2.34x0.93” WxHxD)
Physical Weight 3.9 oz
(110 grams)
Operation Temperature 0-60°C (32-140°F)
Storage Temperature -20-80°C (0-175°F)
Engine Enviroment (Temp or Tach) Amber/Red LED Alerts

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Trail Tech Vapor

Trail Tech Vapor

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