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CLICKnRIDE Removable Turn Signals





Stop breaking your turn signals! Now you can quickly remove your turn signals before your get the chance to break them, thanks to CLICKnRIDE.

  • Quick release feature, easy to install & remove in a hurry
  • Simple, rugged construction - no moving parts to wear out
  • Universal installation - fits virtually any motorcycle
  • Keyed socket keeps the turn signal in position from rotating
  • Socket plug doubles as clasp for signal to keep it in position

Who should use these?!

  • Street & Track Day riders - Easily removes for the track!
  • Stunters - Minimize damage during stunt sessions!
  • Dual Sport - Remove them before the trees do it for you! 

Pack includes:

  • 1 quick release indicator – LEFT hand indicator
  • 1 quick release indicator – RIGHT hand indicator
  • 2 Socket with Moisture Guard and wiring (bullet ends)
  • 2 nylon spacers (1mm)
  • 2 nylon spacer (2mm)

NOTE: May require LED Resistors, sold separately.

  • If replacing existing LED turn signals, there's no need for resistors.
  • If replacing traditional turn signals, use CLICKnRIDE LED Resistors

Product Type Lighting

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CLICKnRIDE Removable Turn Signals

CLICKnRIDE Removable Turn Signals

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