G2 Threaded Bar End Mounts

G2 Ergonomics Threaded Bar End Mounts

G2 Ergonomics


G2 Challenge:  Provide a strong outer handguard mount that stays put!

G2 Solution:  The Threaded Bar Handguard Mount.

Conventional handguard outer mounts (securing handguard to handlebar end) have never done the job.  The old school bolt-nut-rubber hose solution simply does not provide the strength necessary.  One slow speed tip-over and your guards can move substantially.  The more current aluminum split-wedge design is very strong, but vibration will loosen them very quickly.  The bolt need only loosen about 1/8 turn and the wedges lose all strength and the handgaurd “pops out”.

The Threaded Bar Handguard Mounts are a twist on an old Enduro rider solution from the early 80’s.  By tapping the inside of the handlebar, a threaded piece can be inserted to securely bolt the handguard to the handlebar end.  All solutions involved steel which can corrode to the bolt and cause long term problems.  The G2 Threaded Handguard Mount has proven to exceed all strength demands, and now available in nylon, aluminum, stainless steel, and zin-plated steel.

G2 Key Points:

  • Two  sizes:
    11/16" - Fits Renthal Twinwall handlebars.
    5/8" - Fits all other aluminum handlebars.

  • Options: Sold with or without tap. If you do not have your own tap already, please select an option that includes the tap.

  • Works with: Securely mounts G2 and all aluminum enduro-style handguards. Great with SLIDE Moto Bar End Sliders.

  • Includes: Detailed instructions outlining simple installation.

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G2 Ergonomics Threaded Bar End Mounts

G2 Ergonomics Threaded Bar End Mounts

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