Beringer AERONAL 6 piston Axial Caliper

Beringer Aerotec Caliper - Axial 6-Piston

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Another one of Beringer's world class braking compnents, the axial caliper. CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized with 6 pistons inside. The huge brake pads mean a larger suface area for more stopping power and an even better feel! When used with the BRO12 master cylinder, the Beringer 6 piston brake is more progressive and stops better than any other supermoto system. 

Bike specific; Please specify year, make, and model under the "customization" tab. This caliper does NOT require any adapter. Ready to bolt on! To be used with BRO12 (17.5mm) master cylinder. INCLUDES brake pads.

The Race pads available with this caliper are for closed course use only. Please use the Sport pads for a bike being ridden on the street.

Product Type Brakes
Brake Component Type Calipers
Fluid Compatibility DOT 4 Racing Fluid (NO DOT 5!)

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Beringer Aerotec Caliper - Axial 6-Piston

Beringer Aerotec Caliper - Axial 6-Piston

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